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How to play YouTube in background on lock screen android and iPhone (ios) mobile.

Here we guide you how to play YouTube in the background on a lock screen android and iPhone(ios) mobile. Sometimes we want to play YouTube on the lock screen or background when we work another in mobile like reading any book, chatting with someone etc. For example, we want to listen to any YouTube video song into audio. Then follow these step.

Following these step, you can easily play YouTube in the background on mobile.

1. First, open google chrome browser on your mobile phone.

2. Type in the search bar. After, tap on setting (3 dots) button.

3. Next click on the "desktop site" button.

4. Now play any video you want to watch or play on the lock screen.

5. Now without close browser "Tab" press "Home" button. When you press the Home button video will pause but don't worry pull down the notification bar and play again.

Finally, you easily manage YouTube video from the lock screen and notification bar using the play, forward and backward butt…