Amount each employee earns back for the company : Top MNCs of the world

Everybody has a dream of working in Top MNCs of the world. They work hard day and night, fight the competition to reach at the top. Even for one vacant spot the race is on.Working for a  MNC (Multi national company) is a dream. Though some of them do make their dream come true, while some can't. But once someone gets into a MNC, they try to stick it with the company.

While the job in the MNCs come with luxury lifestyle, high pay cheque and glamorous life, the MNCs too expect back form the employee. In other words the MNC would pay high only if it is able to extract more then that from you. So here we are bringing you a list of various MNCs in which the employees return-
1.Applied Materials : This American MNC has 18,400 employees working for it. On an average, it earns Rs 4.5 Crores from each of them.
2.Microsoft : It earns Rs 4.86 Crores from each of its employee.

3.Qualcomm : The giant earns Rs 5 Cores from each of its employee.
4.Visa Card : The financial service giant earns Rs 6.5 Crores per employee.
5.Google : Each of its employee earns Rs 7.80 Crores for the company.
6.Facebook : The social media earns Rs 11.05 Crores from each of its employee.
7.Apple : The biggest company in the world in terms of profit earns Rs 12.35 Crores per employee.

So if you think that these MNCs pay its employee very high in salary, then you can also see the amount of revenue each of the employee generates back for the company. This is why they grow very fast and are very valuable.


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