World's Top 10 cheapest cities to live in.Find out if you city is in the list

In today's world, their is a wish of living highly luxurious life. Well for some people this dream has come true but on the other hand not for everyone. While on one hand people are living luxurious life while on the other hand in some part, they are struggling even for one time's meal. People migrate to cities to find a means of livelihood. Slowly they get into the tradition of living in those way. So here we provide you with the details of top ten cheapest cities in the world to live. According to a survey by Economist Intelligence Unit, they have compiled a list of top ten cheapest cities in the world to live by. You will be surprised to know that three Indian cities also found place in the list. So here we are providing you with the list-

1.Damascus, capital of Syria: It is the cheapest city in the world. Despite all the trouble going on, it made to the list.
2.Caracas, capital of Venezuela.
3.Almaty, business center of Kazakhstan.
4.Lagos, largest city in Nigeria.
5.Bangalore, India's IT hub.
6.Karachi, Pakistan's most populous city.
7.Algiers, capital of Algeria.
8.Chennai, India.
9.Bucharest, capital of Romania.
10.Delhi, India's capital territory.
The various finding gives an overview that cities of south Asia are one of the best affordable places to live without spending more. These cities have good supply of item, and it is maintained well by the governing bodies. Although there is also risk in some of the cities, yet they remain people's choice.


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