Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin

Well everyone wants fair, glowing skin. Especially the charm on face depicts one's confidence. While a dull face shows lack of confidence while a face with glowing charm depicts that one is fresh and totally energetic. While there are many ways to keep the skin fresh, here we are sharing with you a few tips:

There are two ways of taking care of skin. First is internally and second one is externally. So let's talk about externally at first:
1.You should wash your face twice daily with water. Don't use too cold or too hot water as it may damage the skin.
2.Use a facewash while clearing the face. For this at first you need to identify your skin type. Then accordingly choose a facewash.
3.Always apply moisturizer on your skin.
4.But before applying any kind of moisturizer on the skin, make sure that you dry your skin(but not totally dry). For this you can dab your skin with a dry towel but don't  rub vigorously.
5.If you are going outside, then make sure to apply the SPF moisturizer. Anything above SPF 15 is good.
6.Always change your bed sheet as well as pillow cover at-least twice a week. As you tend to lose a lot of dead skin cells, this waste can create damage to your skin.
7.Before buying any facewash, lotion, moisturizer or soap, read about it carefully and check whether it is compatible with your skin type or not.
8.If while trying to use a new product, if you see any kind of side effect, then be quick to ditch the product. If the problem worsens, then visit a doctor asap.
9.Do not apply facewash as soon as you wake up in morning. Wait for at-least 20-30 minutes before applying. Let your skin too wake up.
10.Wear clean clothes. Wash them properly.
11.Take a spa at-least once a month.

Now we can nourish our skin internally too through the following ways-
1.Drink a lot of water. Make sure that you remain hydrated all day.
2.Eat dry fruits like almond, walnuts etc.
3.Eat green leafy vegetables at-least once a day.
4.While cooking food, try to use olive oil as it is healthy.
5.Avoid junk foods. Also avoid road side food. This type of food will get you more and more pimples.
6.Also you can add curd to your daily food. It will keep your digestive system cool.
7.Make sure that get at least a minimum of exercise everyday.
8.Always sleep well. Doctor's advice is to sleep for 7-8 hours daily.
9.Do not use makeup that contain hard substance that may damage your skin.
10.Last but not least, try to lead a stress-free life. Stressing can cause many problems including skin problems.
So lead a healthy and happy life with a glowing charm on your face with the above tips.


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