Top computer shortcuts keys everyone should know.

Using Keyboard shortcut keys could save a lot of time. In this blog list of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft word , Window and Google Chrome browser shortcut keys. Using Shortcut key you can work easy.

Window Shortcut keys-

1.Window key + R :- Open for the Run menu.
2.Window key + M:- Used for Minimize all Window.
3.Ctrl + Esc :- For open Start Menu.
4.Alt + F4 :- Use for Shut-Down Window.
5.Press Shift five time :- Switch Sticky key On and Off.

Microsoft Excel Shortcut keys-

1.Ctrl+A :- Select all content in worksheet.
2.Ctrl+B :- For Bold highlighted.
3.Ctrl+I :- Italicize highlighted selection.
4.Ctrl+U :-  For Underline highlighted section.
5.Ctrl+Z :- For Undo.

Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Word-

1.F1 Key:- Get help on a selected command.
2.F2 Key :- In Microsoft Word F2 key use for Move text or Image.
3.F3 Key :- Insert an auto-text entry.
4.F4 Key :- Perform last action again.
5.F5 Key :- Displays the Go-To dialogue box.

Shortcut Keys in Google Chrome Browser-

1.Ctrl+A :- For select everything on a page.
2.Ctrl+D :- Add a bookmark for the page currently opened in tab.
3.Ctrl+F :- Open the "find" bar to search text on the current page.
4.Ctrl+H :- For open browser history in a new tab.
5.Ctrl+J :-  Display the download window in browser.


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