The international space station (ISS):It working, speed, cost, inside and facts.

Have you ever wondered that where do the astronauts go and live up above in the space?  Have you ever seen a shiny star like object that travels quickly during night time and does not get diminished like meteors Well there is a place in space (though not the too far away) where many of the astronauts go and stay for a definite amount of time? Here they do research, repair the fault in the space station and well try to find something new. Yes, we are talking about the International Space Station. So let's talk about the various facts and working of ISS:

1. The ISS maintains an orbit at an altitude of 330 and 435 km.
2. The altitude is maintained by using the engines of the Zvezda( Russian meaning star) Service Module.
3. It was first launched in November 1998.
4. The weight of ISS is 421840.9 Kg.
5. It is a joint project between NASA, ESA, CSA, Roscosmos, and JAXA.
6. The ISS completes about 15 orbits of the earth in 24 hours.
7. The ISS travels at an average speed of 8 Km/s.
8. The cost of ISS is roughly over $121 billion.
9. There are two bathrooms/washroom on the space station.
10. For the 2014 Winter Olympics Games in Sochi Russia, the Olympic torch was taken to ISS.

international space station
International Space Station

11. A total of 7 tourists have visited the space station.
12. The ISS is the third brightest object in the night sky after moon and Venus. You can spot it with the naked eye.
13. It has been planned to de-orbit the ISS by 2024. The Roscosmos and NASA are planning to replace the ISS.
14. All the astronauts in the space station must workout every day for a minimum of 2 hours to counter the body effects in zero gravity environments.
15. Oxygen is generated in the station through electrolysis which uses the solar panels of the space station.
While having found new research in interplanetary contamination, human body fragility for longer space flight, the search of cosmic ray and dark matter and efficient combustion, the ISS has served its purpose that came with a great cost. Used by as many as 16 nations, the ISS is one of the major technological achievements for upcoming future research!


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