Some more basic points for Gym Beginners: How to gain weight and how to loss weight

Gym is the place where lot of people arrive with their aim. For some later on it becomes a persistent fight while for some it is just for couple of days. Gym must not be treated like something extra ordinary. You must treat it like just some normal routine. Only by doing this, you can continuously workout. Don't give too much hype. We had already posted about basic rules of gym so first go and read them. So now let's first begin with some new points.

1.There are two type of people in the gym. One who want to gain
weight while the other who want to lose some weight. Ignore the rest. They are just crap.
2.Now firstly identify in which category do you fall. Do you want to lose weight or do you want to gain weight. On an average the weight of your body must be around 12 kg per foot of your height. So check yours.
3.Once decide get set. Remember nutrition is important both during gaining or losing weight.
4.So let's first talk about gaining weight. For this you will have to firstly identify your eating habits. Workout won't help you much until you eat properly. Once you have identified then make a plan of the food items you need to add and the items you need to remove.
5.Once you have decided you need to add the following things to your program for nutrition for weight gain-
a) Start your day with drinking water empty stomach. A glass is enough.
b) You can have whole wheat bread with peanut butter and banana shake for breakfast.
c) During lunch you can have normal food. You can add meat for non- veg or else add paneer/tofu and curd for veg. Also have salad.
d) Before workout have banana shake/ potato/ sweet potato about one hour earlier along with whole wheat bread with peanut butter. You can take a spoon of coffee with little hot water before workout. Don't add sugar. Basically its black coffee.
e) After workout stuff yourself  with 5 egg whites/ one scoop of whey protein in water along with 2 bananas.
f) Late night you can have dinner with little paneer/toned low fat milk.
6.For losing weight you need to add protein content. You must eat complex carbohydrates like brown rice, brown bread. You need to drink water lot. You can try a shake of spinach with little grapes and water before workout.
7.For weight gain you need to lift heavy and take rest for 45-60 second between each rep.
8.For weight loss you need to focus more on cardio exercise. Also don't take break more then 30 seconds. Always drinks one cup of black coffee.
9.For both categories you need to add dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, cashews.
10.Remember consistency is key. Don't give up any program before trying it out for at-least 4-6 weeks.
Nutrition is the Key. Remember 75% Nutrition 25% workout.


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