Brands that you thought were foreign but are actually Indian

In today's world everyone is obsessed with brands. Be it the clothing, automobiles or whatever, everyone wants to get their hands on something attractive. Thus it is only a matter of fact that people show their admiration towards brands. But then in India, there is a special type of admiration towards the foreign brands. But in reality there as some brands that we thought were foreign but are actually Indian. So let's check'em out-

1.Peter England : As the name sounds to be foreign but actually it is owned by Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd.
2. Lakme : It is owned by Tata Group. Sorry ladies!
3.Jaguar : This highly luxurious car brand is owned by Tata group.

4.Monte Carlo : It is owned by Nahar Group.
5.Van Heusen : It is licensed under Madura Fashion and Lifestyle in India.
6.East India Company : It is owned by Sanjiv Mehta.
7.Munich Polo : This premium kids-wear brand is also owned by Indian.
8.Flying Machine : It is one of the India's first homegrown denim brand and now has many other ranges.
9.Larsen and Toubro Limited : Shortly called as L&T, this multinational brand is also owned by Indian. It is an engineering and construction related company.
10.Royal Enfield : Although it was owned by British Company in past, but now it is owned by Eicher Motor Ltd, an Indian automaker.

Sorry for letting you know the brands that you had been fantasizing to be foreign are actually homegrown. On the other hand, if you are an Indian feel proud to share.


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