20 Amazing facts about animals.

We have been seen many organisms during our life time, while some of them amazes us, there are some that carry weirdness with them. Thus in such world with full of so many organism, it is expected that we will cross our path with many of those amazing animals. And if we may come to know about then. So here we are sharing few facts about the animal world that may amaze you-

1.Ostrich can run faster then horse.
2.The humming bind can sleep while flying.
3.The elephant is the only land animal that can't jump.

4.A housefly has 8000 lenses in its eyes.
5.The colour of spider's blood is colourless.
6.Tigers have strips on their skin too.
7.Even dogs are colour blind.
8.Honey bees can taste with their feet.
9.Sharks can sense blood drop from a few kilometers.
10.Giraffe can sleep while standing.
11.King cobra is the only snake that builds nest.
12.If you cut starfish into two pieces, then the new pieces become new starfish.
13.The newborn of spider after hatching from eggs will eat mother spider.
14.The urine of cats grow in dark.
15.The average fox weights 14 pounds.
16.The female lion does ninety percent of the hunting.
17.Deer have no gall bladder.
18.Anteaters don't have teeth.
19.Pandas don't have particular sleeping spots; they simply fall asleep wherever they happen to be.
20.Pig heart have been used been used been in human heart transplants.


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