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Famous Failure Stories

Failures are part of life. All the successful people that we see around us were not that easily successful. They had to go through a lot troubles. Some of them even thought of ending their life. Its not always easy as it looks. Just by looking how much one is successful today does not mean that they were the same before. Not every one is born with a silver spoon. Some of them fight their way to the top. So here we are sharing with you a list of few people who made it to the top despite various difficulties.
1.Albert Einstein : The Nobel Prize winner and regarded as one of he best physicist of all time had to go through hard time in early life. He wasn't able to speak until he was 4 year old. His teachers said that he would "never amount to much" 2.Eminem : Regarded as the best rapper of all time, his adulthood was like ours. Living in broken home with his mother and sister, he was assaulted several times in his school which made him drop out. He lived in poverty and als…

Top Amazing fact that will make your Jaw drop.

Who doesn't love facts As long as one does have interest in knowledge, he/she is curious in knowing different things. But this curiosity only deepens when one's knowledge level is going up. But leaving those talks aside, we are presenting here some amazing facts that might get you interested in.
1.Saddam Hussein was author of a romantic novel. Published in 2000 it was called Zabiba and the King.
2.China owns all of the pandas in the world.
3.In Japan, black cat are considered to be good luck sign.

4.Prince Charles and Prince Williams of United Kingdom always travel in separate airplanes as in case of a crash, one of them needs to survive.
5.The blood vessels in human body can extend up-to 95000 km.

Click here for check Amazing facts about animals.
6.Every 50th person in the world is a descendant of Genghis Khan.
7.If you earn Rs 12 Lakh or more per year, then you are among the top 4% richest people on Earth.
8.About 120 million years before dinosaur roamed on Earth, cockroache…

PNB fraud worth Rs 11400 crore and it highlights.

The whole nation is watching as another gigantic fraud has hit. This time the fraud has hit the banking sector. This time it is the new Vijay Mallya of India. Well the whole nation has now known the name of Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi. They have been accused of causing frauds to the bank. They did it cleverly. It is possible that they got hint that a FIR could be lodged against them and thus before that they left the country. So let's discuss in short what actually happened-
1.On 29th of January, a Punjab National Bank official from Mumbai branch filed a criminal complaint with Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) against 3 companies and four people including Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi.

2.The case was registered saying that they had defrauded the bank and caused a loss of Rs 280 crore.
3.The fraud was caused with the help of 2 staff of the Mumbai PNB branch. They helped him in getting "Letter of Undertaking"(LOU).
4.So now the LOUs were used to obtain short-…

Do you know what happen to the costumes worn by Bollywood Actor in a movie after the movie is over.

Bollywood celebrities are treated like god in India. They have huge fan following. Every time any of their movies come out there is a competition to watch it on the very first day. The Bollywood celebrities carry a fashion statement that one looks upon to imitate.
Almost all the time people look towards them as fashion statement. In the movies we have seen them wearing various costumes. But have you ever  thought what happens to those costumes after the movie. Well we are here to tell you about that.
1.Firstly, as expected the popular costumes are auctioned. People are ready to burn a hole in their pocket to get their hands on the costumes.
2.Secondly, in some scenes we find that very high-end designer are hired for some particular movie. Due to this the designers takes back the cloth with them.

After all it has been designed by putting hard work in it. Designer like Manish Malhotra often design beautiful costumes which are later taken by them back.
3.Thirdly, sometimes the costumes …

The international space station (ISS):It working, speed, cost, inside and facts.

Have you ever wondered that where do the astronauts go and live up above in the space?  Have you ever seen a shiny star like object that travels quickly during night time and does not get diminished like meteors Well there is a place in space (though not the too far away) where many of the astronauts go and stay for a definite amount of time? Here they do research, repair the fault in the space station and well try to find something new. Yes, we are talking about the International Space Station. So let's talk about the various facts and working of ISS:

1. The ISS maintains an orbit at an altitude of 330 and 435 km.
2. The altitude is maintained by using the engines of the Zvezda( Russian meaning star) Service Module.
3. It was first launched in November 1998.
4. The weight of ISS is 421840.9 Kg.
5. It is a joint project between NASA, ESA, CSA, Roscosmos, and JAXA.
6. The ISS completes about 15 orbits of the earth in 24 hours.
7. The ISS travels at an average speed of 8 Km/s.
8. T…

Some more basic points for Gym Beginners: How to gain weight and how to loss weight

Gym is the place where lot of people arrive with their aim. For some later on it becomes a persistent fight while for some it is just for couple of days. Gym must not be treated like something extra ordinary. You must treat it like just some normal routine. Only by doing this, you can continuously workout. Don't give too much hype. We had already posted about basic rules of gym so first go and read them. So now let's first begin with some new points.

1.There are two type of people in the gym. One who want to gain
weight while the other who want to lose some weight. Ignore the rest. They are just crap.
2.Now firstly identify in which category do you fall. Do you want to lose weight or do you want to gain weight. On an average the weight of your body must be around 12 kg per foot of your height. So check yours.
3.Once decide get set. Remember nutrition is important both during gaining or losing weight.
4.So let's first talk about gaining weight. For this you will have to f…

Brands that you thought were foreign but are actually Indian

In today's world everyone is obsessed with brands. Be it the clothing, automobiles or whatever, everyone wants to get their hands on something attractive. Thus it is only a matter of fact that people show their admiration towards brands. But then in India, there is a special type of admiration towards the foreign brands. But in reality there as some brands that we thought were foreign but are actually Indian. So let's check'em out-

1.Peter England : As the name sounds to be foreign but actually it is owned by Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd. 2. Lakme : It is owned by Tata Group. Sorry ladies! 3.Jaguar : This highly luxurious car brand is owned by Tata group.
4.Monte Carlo : It is owned by Nahar Group. 5.Van Heusen : It is licensed under Madura Fashion and Lifestyle in India. 6.East India Company : It is owned by Sanjiv Mehta. 7.Munich Polo : This premium kids-wear brand is also owned by Indian. 8.Flying Machine : It is one of the India's first homegrown denim brand and now has …

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine's Day And Some Facts About It

February is considered as the month of love. During its second week starts the valentine's week. On 14th of February, Valentine's Day is celebrated though world-wide, it is not public holiday but on the other hand it is associated with martyrdom stories, it was later recognized related to love sharing day. So let's share a few  facts about valentine's day-

1.Valentine's Day earliest record for relating to proposal of love was stated back in the 18th Century in England.
2.But in the 19th century, was the first time when the hand written cards were given.
3.On Valentine's Day every year, there are at-least 38 million heart shape boxes of chocolates sold.
4.On an average, 50 million roses are exchanged on Valentine's Day.

5.On an average, as of 2016 a man spends about $140 on gifts, twice more than woman.
6.More than 150 million cards are exchange on Valentine's Day.
7.Heart shape outline, doves and the figure of winged Cupid( Son of Venus) are considered…

Priya P. Varrier: The New Internet Sensation. Everything you need to know about her

We live is 21st century. Technology has revolutionized it. Internet is one of the greatest gift by science in today's world. People are very much addicted to social media. And the power of social media is very vast. Sometimes it can lift someone up and sometimes drag them down. But in the last two days we are sharing with you about a unknown person who become an internet sensation in no time. Yes, we are talking about South Indian Young Actress Priya P. Varrier. So lets's share a few interesting facts about her-

1.Her full name is Priya Prakash Varrier.
2.She was born in Thrissur District of Kerala.
3.She was born in 1999.
4.She is a Malayalam actress and will make her debut in upcoming Malayalam Film Oru Addar Love directed by Omar Lulu.
5.Her movie is expected to hit the movie theatres on 3 March 2018.
6.She is currently pursuing B.Com at Vimala College.
7.She made a record on instagram  as she got a hike in followers in single day by as much as 600K+. She was just behind K…

Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin

Well everyone wants fair, glowing skin. Especially the charm on face depicts one's confidence. While a dull face shows lack of confidence while a face with glowing charm depicts that one is fresh and totally energetic. While there are many ways to keep the skin fresh, here we are sharing with you a few tips:

There are two ways of taking care of skin. First is internally and second one is externally. So let's talk about externally at first:
1.You should wash your face twice daily with water. Don't use too cold or too hot water as it may damage the skin.
2.Use a facewash while clearing the face. For this at first you need to identify your skin type. Then accordingly choose a facewash.
3.Always apply moisturizer on your skin.
4.But before applying any kind of moisturizer on the skin, make sure that you dry your skin(but not totally dry). For this you can dab your skin with a dry towel but don't  rub vigorously.
5.If you are going outside, then make sure to apply the SPF m…

Interesting Facts About Olympic Games

As the Winter Olympics have kicked off in PyeongChang, South Korea everyone is getting glued to their television set. Everyone is busy supporting their nation, favorite sport person as well as a sportsperson, it is a matter of pride to represent your nation and winning a medal is much more than that. While some of the athletes have won more then a medal while some of them could not get their hands on it. So here are few interesting fats about Olympics-

1.The first Olympics were held in 776 B.C in Greece.
2.The First modern Olympics were held in 1896 in Athens Greece.
3.The first Winter Olympics were held in 1924 in France.
4.The first Paralympics were held in 1960 in Rome, Italy.
5.The 2024 Summer Olympics will be held in Paris and 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.
6.The Olympic flag consist of five rings each representing continents Asia, America, Africa, Europe and Australia.

7.There will be 28 sports in 2020 Olympics game. The sports are later broken into various events.
8.The …

Maldives Crisis 2018

Whenever a state of emergency is put into action, the government gets access to perform various actions that are not normally permitted. Generally, state of emergency is declared when the country is hit by a disaster, civil war or any other type of armed conflict.Also during the state of emergency, the fundamental rights of a citizen are also suspended.
Though there have been many occasions on which state of emergency has been declared, but we will discuss about the recent state of emergency declared in the Asian country of Maldives. So let's now share with you about the highlights that we have till now-

1.The state of emergency was declared on February 5,2018 by President of  Maldives Abdulla Yameen for 15 days.
2.The reason of the emergency starts with the fact that Maldives Supreme Court ordered release of nine imprisoned opposition politician, including exiled former president Mohammed Nasheed.
3.Ex. President Nasheed got international recognition for his efforts on addressin…

PyeongChang 2018; 23rd Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics are going to be held in South Korean city of PyeongChang. Thus this winter Olympic is also known as PyeongChang 2018. The events also known as PyeongChang 2018. The events up to 25th of February 2018. This year the winter Olympics will be bigger peninsula, the participants have already started to arrive in the city for the participation in various events. So we would like to share a few highlights with you-

1.This is the 23th edition of Winter Olympics.
2.South Korea will be hosting Winter Olympics for the first time. It also hosted the Summer Olympics in 1988.
3.A total of 102 events will be held in this Olympic.
4.Total no of 2952 athletes will participating.
5.Total of 92 nations will be participating in the Winter Olympics.

6.In this Olympics Ecuador, Eritrea, Kosovo, Malaysian, Nigeria and Singapore will be making their debut.
7.The motto of 2018 Winter Olympics is "Passion Connected".
8.Due to suspension of Russian Olympic Committee, a total o…

Top computer shortcuts keys everyone should know.

Using Keyboard shortcut keys could save a lot of time. In this blog list of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft word , Window and Google Chrome browser shortcut keys. Using Shortcut key you can work easy. Window Shortcut keys- 1.Window key + R :- Open for the Run menu. 2.Window key + M:- Used for Minimize all Window. 3.Ctrl + Esc :- For open Start Menu. 4.Alt + F4 :- Use for Shut-Down Window. 5.Press Shift five time :- Switch Sticky key On and Off. Microsoft Excel Shortcut keys- 1.Ctrl+A :- Select all content in worksheet. 2.Ctrl+B :- For Bold highlighted. 3.Ctrl+I :- Italicize highlighted selection. 4.Ctrl+U :-  For Underline highlighted section. 5.Ctrl+Z :- For Undo. Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Word- 1.F1 Key:- Get help on a selected command. 2.F2 Key :- In Microsoft Word F2 key use for Move text or Image. 3.F3 Key :- Insert an auto-text entry. 4.F4 Key :- Perform last action again. 5.F5 Key :- Displays the Go-To dialogue box. Shortcut Keys in Google Chrome Browser- 1.Ctrl+A :- For select eve…

20 Amazing facts about animals.

We have been seen many organisms during our life time, while some of them amazes us, there are some that carry weirdness with them. Thus in such world with full of so many organism, it is expected that we will cross our path with many of those amazing animals. And if we may come to know about then. So here we are sharing few facts about the animal world that may amaze you-

1.Ostrich can run faster then horse.
2.The humming bind can sleep while flying.
3.The elephant is the only land animal that can't jump.

4.A housefly has 8000 lenses in its eyes.
5.The colour of spider's blood is colourless.
6.Tigers have strips on their skin too.
7.Even dogs are colour blind.
8.Honey bees can taste with their feet.
9.Sharks can sense blood drop from a few kilometers.
10.Giraffe can sleep while standing.
11.King cobra is the only snake that builds nest.
12.If you cut starfish into two pieces, then the new pieces become new starfish.
13.The newborn of spider after hatching from eggs will eat …

Auto Expo 2018 india

As we have mentioned in our very first article about the importance of auto expo. It is once in a lifetime opportunity. Not everyone gets it. But as we have said earlier that if you do get the chance, then don't lose it. This time the 2018 Auto Expo is going to take place in India.
There is already a lot of anticipation regarding the auto show. After all it is one of the biggest show in India comprising of various cars and bikes. Along with the featuring of concept cars, most of the companies also unveil new models in order to attract the attention of people. Thus this type of  auto show is not only important regarding the crowds but also the auto makers. So now let's bring the important highlights that are probably expected to be the hits in the upcoming Auto expo-

1.The 2018 Auto Expo will be held from 9 Feb. 2018 to 14 Feb. 2018. It will be held two separate venues. One part will be held from 9 to 14 February 2018 at Greater Noida (India Expo Mart) and the other part from …

interesting facts about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system .Bitcoin is used both as an investment and as a method for goods and services. So let's share interesting facts about bitcoin.
1.Bitcoin was created in 2009 by Santoshi Nakamoto which was his pseudonym.
2.The first Bitcoin purchase was for Pizza in 2010 using 10,000 Bitcoins.
3.No one single entity controls this currency. Bit-coin is open -source software.
4.Impossible to know the sender and receiver details.
5.There are almost 1402 bitcoin ATMs worldwide.

6.A Norwegian student spent $27 on Bitcoins, forgot about them and a few year later realized they were worth $886K.
7.Bitcoin is illegal in Kyrgyzstan, Bolivia, Ecuador and Bangladesh.
8.North America has over 75% of the world bitcoin ATMs.
9.According to the experts, Bitcoin network is much powerful than supercomputers.
10.Losing a bitcoin wallets means losing those bitcoins.
11.Most expensive virtual currencies globally January 2018.
12.If you had invested $100 in bitco…

Interesting facts about Human Body.

Human body is one of the greatest gift by God. It is composed of many different types of cells. The human body is composed of element like hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, calcium and phosphorous. There are about trillions of cell in the human body. So let's share a few interesting facts about the human body.

1.On an average it takes 27 muscles to smile.
2.The longest bone in the human body is femur. It is stronger then concrete.
3.In an average lifetime, human heart pumps about 183 million liters of blood.
4.The size of the human eye remains the same from birth.
5.The human ear and nose never stop growing.
6.There are more number of bacteria's on your tongue then the entire world.
7.Human tongue has its own unique prints.
8.About 90% of the population in the world is right handed.
9.On an average, a human being can burn 100 calories while kissing for an hour.
10.Only human being are the animals which possess the ability to draw straight line.
11.Men blink more as compared to women.

Interesting Facts about Badminton

Badminton is one of the most watched sport world wide. It is also the most sport that involves racquet. It is estimated that the game originated somewhere in the mid 19th Century. Later on this game became very popular among the Asians. Since then they have dominated the sports arena. The sport requires high level of fitness, strength, speed and aerobic stamina to master it. So it having said enough, let's have a look at some interesting facts of the sport-

1.Badminton is the second most popular sport in the world next to football.
2.On an average a shuttlecock weighs 4.7 to 5.5 grams.
3.The longest match in the history of badminton lasted for about 161 minutes for a double pair.
4.The longest match for a single player lasted about 124 minutes.

5.The shortest match for a single player lasted only 6 minutes.
6.The fasted ever shot from a badminton racquet reached a speed of around 320 km per hour.
7.Badminton was included for the first time in Olympics in 1992.
8.The headquarter of…