Some rules of Gym that no one is going to tell you

Some rules of Gym that no one is ever going to tell you:-

Whenever you see someone sick or someone with a great physique you suddenly realize that you also need to achieve something.And bam! There you are at the doorstep of the gym. You will find many people, jacking up and pumping up their heavy body. But there are something that no one is going to tell you. Let's find them:

1.Don't get tempted by the heavy lifting bro's. As a beginner all you need to concentrate is on lifting weight of your capacity. And remember good form comes first.
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2.Always carry water with you. Remain hydrated after every two rep, sip on some water.
3.If you like to perform alone, then prefer to listening some music while performing exercise. Good music works like some motivation.
4.Or if you have someone like a partner(can be anyone) in the gym, then it can also boost your exercising capabilities.
5. Don't get intimidated by the other people in the gym. Its your race. No one is in competition with you.
6.Take proper rest. Sleep well for at least 7 hours per day. Your muscles will grow better when you get a good sleep.
7.If you have a trainer then always consult him before performing any set of exercise. Don't try anything new on your own without consulting.
8.The last but most important thing. Proper Nutrition is the key to gain. Doing exercise in proper form comes next so make sure you have a proper diet plan.
It's all about time and hard work. Be patient. Great things are not built in a day. Keep going on!
And always remember- The secret to a fit body you desire is- 75% Nutrition and 25% Exercise. 


  1. Ohh... Thanks for tips.... I think beginners should have to follow these tips... It should be a great article to know about basic of gym..
    Thank you guys.... Keep going


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