How to be happy

In today's world there is so much of chaos that people have literally turned into a bowl of depression and unhappiness. Be it family problem,job problem,financial problem or relationship problem, whatever is disturbing your inner peace, their is always a way out of these problems. So here we are trying our level best to boost you up. For all those people who are reading this, we would like to share our thoughts with you. Although we can just guide you, but its your commitment that will help you. We can just show you the path but it is upon you to walk.

1. Accept yourself. Embrace yourself as you are because you're amazing. Never be ashamed of yourself.
2.Work on building your confidence level. The more confident you are, the better you would feel.
3.Never be afraid to stand up for yourself. If you don't feel comfortable by any thing that is going on with you, then feel free to speak up. Through this way you will boost your self esteem too.
4.Respect people. Always treat the people the way you want to be treated by them. Don't insult people. You may not feel well when they insult you back. Always remember,"give respect,get respect".

5.Help others. Your character is judged by the way you treat people who cannot do anything in return for you. This habit of helping others will make you more internally satisfied.
6.Take a break. Do whatever you love. If you wanted to visit a place, just pack and leave. Or call your friend whom you have been longing to talk. Play any of your favorite instrument. Or listen to your favorite music.
7.Ignore haters. They are always making you feel low, so just ignore. Remember they hate you because they are jealous of you. So next time when you face them, just smile and walk away.
8.Start exercising. As you keep on doing it, you will see lot of changes in you. The good feeling hormone will kick off and you will be in a better shape. Also eat a good diet.
9.Accept the change or change your attitude about it. Somethings are just beyond our control. So just accept it the way it is.
10.Learn to meditate. It is the best way to develop high level of inner peace. Just google and you find many ways to learn to meditate.
11.Always be thankful of what you have. Thank The Almighty for giving you such a wonderful life. Remember "you are beautiful in your own way".
12.Never let your past or any other troubling thought get to your head/heart. Never ever! Whatever is holding you back, just let it go. It was just a bad time. Life is all about ups and downs.
13.Follow your aim. Just start working hard for it. Get out of your comfort zone.
14.Value the things that you have in your life. It does not need to be necessarily materialistic things. Value people. Value relationship.
15.Sleep well. By getting a good sleep, you will feel refreshed and you can invest your time into something positive.

You're given this life only once. So make it count. Be grateful of what you have. Don't compare yourself. Everyone has their own race. Remember,"YOU ARE AWESOME. JUST KEEP GOING ON. AND KEEP SMILING ALWAYS". Good luck!


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